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My mother is teacher so she taught us during our trip. She got books and other materials from our school where she taught us from. In this way my sister and I didn’t run behind on our classmates, so it was easier to adjust to school after returning. My mother also bought workbooks. Those books contained everything I needed to know at the end of grade 5 and 6. I was in grade 5 during the trip, but I finished most workbooks, so I almost  finished 2 years in one. We learned from the trip self as well. From the countries, cultures and crosses. These are lessons and experiences most people will never have.


School planning:

During the trip we had a well working plan. At nine we got up and swam for a little. After that we started with our school work. During schoolwork we had a small swimming break as well. We worked till around one o'clock. The rest of the day we were free.

We usually spend 4 days a week doing schoolwork and the rest of the week we were free. During the Dutch school holidays, and while we crossed the ocean we didn’t do much when it came to school. During our trip I spend as much time making schoolwork in a week as I do homework in only one day since I am back in The Netherlands. Most people would think this means I fell behind on my classmates but I didn’t, actually I did two years in one. This was because I thought it was fun to learn this way and motivated me! 

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